Mon amie tower


For the firts time the "mon amie technology" is applied in a vertical Collarium, meaning the body is in an upright position during the treatment.

By means of the vibration platform, the collagen light therapy is combined with a workout for the entire body.

The customer has the possibilty to choose from three different workout programs, namely "Relax", "Wellness", and "Fitness". 
The maximum of oxygen supply during the treatment implicates a perfect tanning result.

Typ Mon amie tower

52 Tubes: 
26 x Collagen Plus tubes 
26 x 180 Watt UV-tubes

Standard functions

Central exhaust air system

Optional functions
  • Exhaust air duct with exhaust air hose (Ø 300 mm, white, length 3 m, 2 hose clamps)
  • Loudspeakers
  • megaTimer

Sound system

  • Audio-access (incl. flex)
  • external access, channel option, loudspeakers

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